Eric Christopher Seidel

By day, I'm a software engineer at Google where I work on Google Chrome.

Directly prior to Google I took vacation for ~9 months — spent time traveling (Mexico & US) as well as hiked 1200 miles on the Appalachian Trail (ME → VA). This was recovery time after burnout at Shoutfit. Shoutfit was a (fashion) company started in 2006 by myself and the talented Chris Smoak. We took funding from Y Combinator, and had a very "educational" year. :)

Before our startup, I was a software engineer at Apple Computer where I worked on Apple's fantastic web browser Safari. I was primarily responsible for Safari's XML, XHTML, XSLT and SVG support, as well as much of the intial Safari-on-Windows bring-up.

During the Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) development cycle I worked as the UI engineer for the .Mac Sync (aka Sync Services) component of Mac OS X.

Before joining Sync Services I worked as part of "the BSD team" under Jordan Hubbard. There I maintained Apache, bash, ntp, top, and many other non-UI components of Mac OS X for the Panther (10.3) release.

For those curious as to my work life before Apple, I also have posted an old copy of my resume.