Eric Christopher Seidel

You found me! Congratulations.

Work and my various hacks are covered elsewhere. This page is for the "rest" of my life:

I moved out to CA in June of 2003, and have bounced around the peninsula for a while before landing in Palo Alto. When I'm not working, I spend time dancing, or teaching dance, particularly swing (lindy hop) and ballroom (all types). I try to take advantage of California's amazing weather as much as possible by biking, climbing, playing frisbee, etc. on the weekends.

Before life in CA, I completed my B.A. in Mathematics at Lawrence University. Growing up pre-college was pretty much all over, ranging over 7 different states and 2 countries.

In the interest of science, I asked a few of my friend to describe me in 5 words or less. The results:

  • Nick K: "An excited dancer; loves talking."
  • Dan S: "talented outgoing bike-riding zany ex-clown"
  • John G (in jest): "brilliant slazy[sic] hippy freakish wonder-mutant"
  • Pete S: "Smart : Leader-esk : computer : friendly : Outspoken"
  • Nicolai K: "not bad for a californian"
  • Laura S: "silly super smart sassy spatula"
  • Em T: "Under no circumstances consume caffeine."
  • Julie K: "2 things, warm & caring"
  • Mark P: "lindy hopping talkative mac geek"
  • Dave M: "asleep --> high; just add sugar!"
  • Lou P: "huge-craniumed computer geek philosophising dance-bot"
  • Jan D: "Gregarious, Loyal, Unique, Curious, Fun-as-heck!"

I guess if you want to know anything more, you'll have to ask.